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Busy as a Badge of Honour

busy as a badge of honour

Busyness…. It’s been on my mind a lot recently. As an excitable, passionate person there’s always a lot going on in my life. However, as I increasingly live a life aligned with my truth and not the truth of others, I notice it’s starting to feel real uncomfortable. I’m so fucking bored of saying ‘really…

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What ‘they’ told you

‘They’ told you… You should be slim, not fat. You must have a flat stomach, not a round one. You need to have long, straight hair, not short, curly or, God forbid, afro hair. You should have white or at least light skin, not dark. You need to be small and quiet, not big and…

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Q: How Do I Stay Authentic Around Inauthentic People?

I get asked various versions of this question a lot! My take on it is this…. Your authenticity is YOUR business, your responsibility. No-one is going to do it for you. Stay focused on yourself. Other people’s authenticity is none of your business. Don’t get sucked into blaming, judging and shaming them for who and…

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How To Stay in Connection with Yourself – A Technique

We’re living in uncertain times with things changing at an alarming rate in every way – individually, collectively, politically and globally. The only thing we are certain of is that we do not know what’s ahead of us. The old ways are dying and new ways are not here yet. We’re heading for a void…

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How To Create Your Own Lane

Following on from my last blog post about creating your own lane, this week I share some practical tips on how to do just that. (If you prefer, there’s a written summary of those tips below the video.) Enjoy! 1. Uncover your lane. Creating your own lane is actually a process of uncovering your true…

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Create Your Own Lane

Not feeling like part of the mainstream? Maybe you’re not here to fit in. Maybe, just maybe, you’re here to help change our society. You’ll only make the contribution you wish to by staying out of others’ lanes and creating your own.

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