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Phases of Learning

steps - phases of learning

Trying to run before you can walk? The four stages of competence. An oldie but a goodie and a powerful model for learning, reminding us that learning is a process which goes through particular phases. There is a process to learning that in our fast-paced, immediate culture people try and skip. Learn more about the…

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Q: How Do I Stay Authentic Around Inauthentic People?

I get asked various versions of this question a lot! My take on it is this…. Your authenticity is YOUR business, your responsibility. No-one is going to do it for you. Stay focused on yourself. Other people’s authenticity is none of your business. Don’t get sucked into blaming, judging and shaming them for who and…

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Your Inherent Feminine Power

Do you know how inherently powerful you are as a woman? I’m not talking about the ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ kind of power, which is a reaction and has it’s place, but our natural, innate and inherent power. At its core, Boss Ass Living is about reclaiming your inherent power as a woman…

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