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2021-12-02 14:42:29

Trust The Process

Sometimes you hear something and it just stays with you


Sometimes you hear something and it just stays with you. A lil something that just brings you back to you....

I first heard this little nugget during a yoga class on a juice retreat a couple of years ago. I love the concept that something is coming up within you because it is dissolving. Something I have most definitely found to be true in my life particularly regarding emotions.⠀

I'm finding with myself, clients and friends that there is a lot of emotional material arising these days. Old and even unknown emotions coming up.⠀

Is there something arising in you right now? Maybe some fear, guilt, powerlessness or another emotion. If you have tried to 'get rid of it' maybe you're not seeing it for what it is - something in the process of dissolving to help you move forward not something trying to stop you in your tracks.⠀

Trust the process. You've got this 

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