Your Inherent Feminine Power

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Do you know how inherently powerful you are as a woman?

I’m not talking about the ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ kind of power, which is a reaction and has it’s place, but our natural, innate and inherent power.

At its core, Boss Ass Living is about reclaiming your inherent power as a woman and living, loving and leading from that place power.

By power, I mean personal power – your ability to take action. Unfortunately there are many things that get between you and your ability to act.

In this post I share 2 nuggets about our inherent power:

1. How men have helped me to see and understand this inherent power


2. What catching butterflies can teach us about feminine and masculine power

If you want help owning your inherent and authentic feminine power you can start by downloading my FREE ‘Get Your Queen On’ ebook and start showing up and shining like the Queen that you TRULY are.