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2021-12-02 14:43:00

The Challenge is Ease

Hot damn I know some kick ass people! Boss Ass some might even say


Hot damn I know some kick-ass people! Boss Ass some might even say.

People with whom when I speak to them it’s goosebump central. My body tingles with the truth when we speak and their energy is nourishment for my soul. These are my favourite kind of people and I am blessed that an overwhelming majority of the people I interact with are like this.

@nicolahumber of @theunboundpress is one of these people and a new addition to the crew. In a recent conversation where I spoke about being ready to step up and own my natural gifts in a new way, this nugget came up.

Why do so many women have problems owning their gifts and magnificence? The challenge is the ease. In a capitalistic society that values hard work, graft, striving as honourable. Ease can be judged as lazy, entitled etc but my adrenals say otherwise.

I’m a black woman, not only that I am an African woman. Strength runs through me like blood runs through my veins. I have strength so down I don’t even need to think about it. But ease, letting things be easy - this is my ongoing work.

The challenge is the ease, ‘all’ you have to do is allow it.

If you relate to this, don’t judge yourself. It’s not some namby-pamby 1st world problem, it’s a real thing.


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