How To Stay in Connection with Yourself – A Technique

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We’re living in uncertain times with things changing at an alarming rate in every way – individually, collectively, politically and globally. The only thing we are certain of is that we do not know what’s ahead of us.

The old ways are dying and new ways are not here yet. We’re heading for a void and because our familiar patriarchal mindset prefers certainty, our leaders do not know how to lead here.

Hanging out in the uncertainty, plus shoddy leadership that is not creating safety, is leading to all sorts of crazy fear-based behaviours emerging from under the rug, like intolerance, terrorism, racism etc. Questionable leadership whips us up into a further frenzy, feeding and not soothing our fears. It’s a bit of a mess!

So where can you find your certainty these days?

Looking for certainty outside of yourself is a risky business, especially now. You can, however, find it inside of yourself. Inside of you there is a core of truth that never changes regardless of what’s happening outside. It’s your point of power and you can connect with it at any time.

The technique is to tune into your body, mind and spirit one a time and see how they’re feeling. Once you know how they’re feeling, ask them what they need.

It’s a simple practice that opens the dialogue between you and your mind, body and spirit, allowing you to cultivate a great relationship with yourself.

To learn more about this technique and how to apply it in your daily life, take a look at this short video.

Give it a go and see what comes up!

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