What ‘they’ told you

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‘They’ told you…

You should be slim, not fat.

You must have a flat stomach, not a round one.

You need to have long, straight hair, not short, curly or, God forbid, afro hair.

You should have white or at least light skin, not dark.

You need to be small and quiet, not big and loud.

You should tolerate crap from men since having one is such a big deal, not hold your standards.

You must fear and fight the ageing process and worship and seek youth, not age with grace.

You must be OK with others dictating what can be done to your body and not make a fuss when a random man touches you, not own your body and decide what happens to it and who gets to touch it.

You have to be cutthroat to get ahead, not respectful, authentic or full of integrity.

You need to be different at work as there’s no room for the real you in a professional setting.

You should not show emotion at work because it’s unprofessional although emotions are the elephant in the room controlling everything.

You’re not allowed to enjoy sex as that makes you a ‘certain type of woman’ and only men are allowed to enjoy it.

Your worth is tied up in your job title, how much you earn and where you studied, not in who you are.

They taught you that you are wrong and told you what you need to do to be right…

and you believed them.

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