Stop Clinging to Past Versions of Yourself

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We’re always evolving to newer and truer versions of ourselves. The process of coming into your authentic power is a process of shedding. It’s the shedding your survival skin which allows the truth who you are to come through. ⁣

As you shed your survival skin it’s natural to feel differently about lots of things - people, relationships, circumstances etc. Some of those things may have been a match to who you WERE, not who you ARE or who you are BECOMING. Don’t cling, let things fall away as they are supposed to.⁣

Where you’re heading you have no previous mental understanding of, so you have no idea of what it will take. Clinging to past versions of yourself is what keeps you stuck. I know it’s scary to let go of who you've been but there’s another level with your name on waiting for you. Don’t let your fear stop you. ⁣

Grieve the old⁣
Allow the new⁣
Take courage’s hand⁣
Keep breathing through⁣

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