For Women of Colour (WOC) that want to reclaim the power that was taken from them so they can use it to positively impact the world. 


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Attempts have been made to separate you from your power. 

It’s time to take it back!

You're a gift from the Ancestors.

- Eileen, Management Consultant

My People Are:

Women of Colour

Usually 1st or 2nd generation immigrant, used to straddling at least 2 cultures - the culture of your heritage and the culture of the country you live in. You’re master at adapting and likely well-versed in code switching. You’re also carrying around a ton of baggage as living in a world that wasn’t made for you takes a toll.


Trouble makers, misfits, black sheep, mavericks, fire starters and pioneers in their life, work or family. ‘Not fitting in’ is kinda your thing….

Basic you are not! You see things differently from the majority, bring a unique perspective and can see the bigger picture of life. You are visionary, forward-thinking with a tendency to sense a reality that doesn’t physically exist YET. You see possibility in a world where many think ‘things will never change.’

Spiritually conscious AND socially aware

You believe in a Higher Power or Intelligence and see yourself as being in connection with it. You know you are a part of, not separate from, nature. You believe in energy yet the whitewashed world of spirituality doesn’t fully appeal to you. You like your spirituality a lil more grounded, real, juicy and alive. 


Online workshops

Own Your Unconventional Truth

Supporting the visionary woman to powerfully navigate her everyday life

Take your power back and use it to create a better world. So you can:

  • Live your truth not your conditioning 
  • Tap into all of that juicy potential waiting to be ignited within you
  • Break the heavy cycles of familial and social conditioning keeping you from your joy
  • Release the generational and ancestral trauma you carry around so you can access the generational wisdom that is also there for you
  • Leave the legacy you want to leave 
  • Own your true nature and unique feminine power 

I whole-heartedly recommend Lola as a coach and professional, especially to leaders, powerful women and men,
people who are looking to stop playing small and make a difference in their work and community.

- Laura, Certified Coach and Somatic Facilitator



Hey I’m Lola Fayemi (she/her), the person behind Boss Ass Living. I’m a cishet first generation Brit of Nigerian heritage (Igbo & Yoruba) born and raised in South London.


Interested in working with me? Want me on your podcast or summit? Just wanna holla to say hi and send me some love?




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