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2021-12-02 14:35:32

Letting Go

Life is hard man! When you stand as someone that helps women live from their power


Letting go is hard man!

When you stand as someone that helps women live from their power, Life really puts you through your paces to live from your own. I’m not immune to the process, if anything I live it more than most people BECAUSE this is my work in the world.

Life increasingly has me stepping deeper and deeper into my own power. Once I step in, I don’t get to choose how that process goes. Nope, it’s safe to say I am definitely not in charge of the process!

I choose the what, Life chooses the how and I end up with something way better than my tiny little mind could ever have wanted for me. The how is ALWAYS totally different from what I imagined it would be.

I’ve been working through a layer of letting go (AGAIN) recently. Letting go of the old and habitual ideas of how my life is/was and getting curious about what’s emerging. Note, not what I want - been there, done that - but what does Life want for me? And getting on board with that. Choosing to use my will to partner with Life’s will for my life.

Well, to say this has caused some internal destabilisation would be an understatement! A part of me is freaking the fuck out. To this scarcity-obsessed part of me, letting go is never a good thing. To her, there’s already not enough, why on earth would let go of control be the answer here? Eventually, there’ll be nothing left. Because to her, me being in control of the situation = safety. When really, me being in control just gets in the way and keeps me tethered to the past, a place I’m not supposed to live anymore.

This is where Michael Bernard Beckwith’s ‘letting go and letting excellence’ really helps. It’s a great reminder that we are letting go of the control because excellence, and not an impending disaster, is available for us. Excellence is trying to reach you and you shut it out with your fear-based need for control.

Sometime’s you’ve got to let go of the lollipop so you can have the candy store. Fear is a natural part of the process and is an invitation for courage......

If people keep telling you to ‘just let go’ without acknowledgement of the part of you that is freaking out about the loss of control and feels in real danger, this is for you. I want to remind you that you’re not alone, there are many of us right now letting go of a lot of our old ways and it’s uncomfortable. You’re in a process of letting go of the things taking up space in your life so the excellence can come in.

You’re here for a reason and you know it. It’s no one else’s responsibility but yours to make that reason a reality.

Everybody wants to go to heaven-3

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