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There are new ways to elevate your business, your work, your relationship with your family and.....

your power


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The Grief of Transformation

I’m Lola Fayemi, Founder of Boss Ass Living. I've lived a life. I’ve been where you may be. I’ve found a way of coming out of the other end. And one thing I do know is that for us. It’s TIME for you to do the SAME.


Working with leaders in top corporates, small businesses, families and generally of their own lives, I show you step-by-step how to liberated you from who you THINK you are so you can be who you REALLY are. How to get a grip on your world and set sail to the place you dream of being.


There has never been a time where we need to do that MORE than NOW.

“Your decision to walk creates the path ahead.” Paulo Coelho



Tap Into Your Power

Come home to the truth of who you are and have the impact you came here to have

Drawn to my work?
My guess is that you're an innovator or pioneer in your work, family or life. You're energised by the thought of new ways to improve lives more than propping up the old (often dying) ways.

You may be:

The black sheep at work and/or in your family. The maverick, the misfit, the fire starter or trouble maker even. You're not like everyone else.

Impatient - As an Innovator you are visionary. You see or feel into a reality that does not physically exist yet. You see things really quickly and differently from others. You feel frustrated by them not seeing it as quickly as you.

Unfulfilled - Walking a prescribed path just doesn't hit the spot, it's not enough for you. It's critical for your wellbeing and effectiveness that you are in the driver's seat of your life.

Burnt out - Innovators are prone to burn out until they learn to master their lives. All this going against the existing grain takes a toll on you. You need to learn to innovate without burning out. It is possible!

I whole-heartedly recommend Lola as a coach and professional, especially to leaders, powerful women and men, people who are looking to stop playing small and make a difference in their work and community.

- Laura, Certified Coach and Somatic Facilitator



You won't wake up wondering what 'your purpose' is ever again.

You’ll just know. And then….. you’ll BE that person.

Your relationships will be a harmonious joy. Not a source of difficulty or angst.

Your body will be fitter – your bank account will THANK YOU and.....

You’ll finally get the GREEN LIGHT to LIVE and experience life's great pleasures and enjoy fulfilment in every way

without the guilt!

If your heart knows you are meant for an exceptional life and not an average one, you're in the right place.

"Talking to Lola helped me make things in my life click! ....Lola has helped me to shine.”

- Alicia, Non-profit Executive


Your soul is calling you to contribute to something much larger than yourself.
You may not have full clarity on who to serve or how to help yet, but you know you're here to support evolution not regression.
The answer lies in developing your leadership and owning your Queen vibe by reclaiming your personal sovereignty.
When you step into and own your Queen vibe, you choose a different way of being in the world - YOUR TRUE WAY.

Own your innovative and visionary nature, embody it and enjoy greater impact

Live your potential and grow into the person that does the work your soul is calling you to do

Honour and meet your own needs and let go of being the martyr or victim. Self-sacrifice is not required where you are going

Liberate yourself from outdated and inherited rules and obligations and choose to live how YOU want to (while still being the best parent, partner, lover, business owner you can be)

Stop wasting your time, talent and energy on drainers and consciously pour it into things that bring you meaning and leave you nourished and fulfilled on a soul level (like that business your clients are waiting for.)