October 2020


Tap Into Your Power

Come home to the truth of who you are and have the impact you came here to have

We live in a world that has been constructed to take us away from ourselves. A world which profits from you being disconnected from your true and authentic nature - your power - and stuck on a hamster wheel chasing its artificial (and oh so dissatisfying!) substitutes.


Yet deep down, you know something is wrong. You still crave this connection to your authentic power. That craving will never end, until you reclaim your power. The upcoming workshop Tap Into Your Power can help you with that process of reclamation.


"Thank you so much for your Tap into Your Power workshop - I took so many useful things from it and can't wait to keep exploring these concepts.

The way you took us through the workshop gave me a clear picture of what is making me get stuck and most importantly - ways to get unstuck by tapping into my healthy feminine and masculine energies.  I love seeing it all laid out in such a clear way - I really feel it's like a mirror into me.

I felt inspired by your energy and stories on how this has transformed you and your work.  Thank you for providing a blueprint for action and power, both soft and strong, and for leading the session so beautifully."

- Meg

In this 3.5 hour workshop, held from the comfort of your home, you will learn:

  • How to access the power that you already have and are needing to move forward in your life
  • A powerful and liberating process that will bring you back to the truth of who you are each and every time
  • How to masterfully harness both the feminine and masculine energies within you beyond the bullshit gender-based social conditioning
  • How to live your true authentic potent power using both your feminine and masculine energies

OCTOBER WORKSHOP DATE:  Saturday 24th October 2020 at 10.30am - 2pm via Zoom.

Cost: £30

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